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The International Institute of California (IIC) is an innovative institution conducting educational research with emphasis on comparative analysis of world education system in relation to United States educational systems. We are committed to providing a unique combination of comprehensive service to international students & immigrants on matters concerning educational standards for licensing, employment and college/university admissions.

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Applicants must complete and sign the attached IIC application form in English. All documents must be clear, legible, and complete. Applicants must provide photocopies of the required documents accompanied by English translations. All translations must be certified.




Business is conducted by mail. However, individuals who live in the area may call and make an appointment to meet with an advisor. All the necessary materials should be sent along with the application and the fee.  Applicants will be contacted if any information is missing. The evaluations do not start until all the necessary documents and payments are received. It takes a minimum of twenty-one (21) business days to prepare most evaluations. However, we do have a rush service available for an additional fee.  Please see the Rush Evaluation Service options on the fee schedule page.


You may submit your application by mail or online. Once you completed your application and agreed to our Terms and Conditions, you may submit it online by clicking the submit button, and it will automatically be sent to us. Or you may skip the submit button and print the completed application and mail it with the rest of your documents and the fee.  You also have an option to print out the blank PDF format application form and manually complete and mail it along with the necessary documents. Please choose one of the following


  1. To submit online application form only, please click here    Online Application Form

  2. To Print & Fill out an application form please click here     Print and fill out the application form

  3. We also offer Walk-In service. However, we recommend calling us first to make sure evaluators are available to see you. Please CLICK HERE check our office hours.

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