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The International Institute of California (IIC) is an innovative institution conducting educational research with emphasis on comparative analysis of world education system in relation to United States educational systems. We are committed to providing a unique combination of comprehensive service to international students & immigrants on matters concerning educational standards for licensing, employment and college/university admissions.

Team Discussion



  1. The IIC evaluation is by no means a guarantee that the credits and equivalencies be accepted by the agency or institution for which it is intended.

  2. The evaluation is an objective assessment of the credential based on the most current information available. It is an excellent advisory tool.

  3. IIC reserves the right not to evaluate documents that appear to be altered or tampered with.

  4. Any information regarding the applicants' evaluation report will be kept confidential and not be released to a third party without written consent of the applicant.

  5. All records directly received from issuing institutions or agencies will be securely kept in IIC possession for five years.

  6. All documents received directly from the applicant will be sent back to the applicant if requested. Any loss or damage caused by the mailing system will not be the responsibility of IIC.

  7. IIC will attempt to process the evaluation within the requested minimum time. However, IIC will not be liable for any consequential damages caused to the client if the process took longer than the required minimum time due to unforeseen reasons. If the order is "Rush" or "Super Rush" IIC will refund only the additional cost paid for if the promised time is not honored.

  8. IIC will not assume any responsibility for any damage caused by using the evaluation report.

  9. Evaluation reports of individuals from the same or similar institutions may be different depending on when the individuals were enrolled during study and availability of current information at the time of the evaluation.

  10. Changes in a request for a new type of evaluation or adding or deleting information after the original request has been made will be subject to additional fees.

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