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Since 1993 International Institute of California (IIC) has helped educators, employers licensing and certification agencies/boards to improve their overseas recruiting, streamline admissions procedures and access cost-effective foreign credentials evaluations. International Institute of California (IIC) has been recognized by educational institutions, employers, licensing and certification agencies/boards in the United States. IIC has helped many immigrants and international students as well as individuals and institutions that deal with them. We provide accurate, education and research-backed assessment for each credential making it easy to understand and make reliable decision.

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Rush Service Available

  • Super Rush twenty-four (24) hours

  • Three (3) business days

  • Five (5) business days

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Our goal is to provide affordable, accessible, and streamlined Foreign Credential Evaluation Service. IIC evaluation will provide you with the United Stated academic equivalencies for your education credentials and allow you to pursue further education, career building and seek employment in the United States.

Professional services:

*   Credential evaluation service.

*   Information on U.S. educational services.

*   Information on University and college admissions



Foreign Credential Evaluation

Applicants can choose one of the three different types of Evaluation. The types of Evaluation are: 


1) A summary report of the U.S. equivalency requirements for all foreign educational credentials, including when and where the certificate was earned.

2)  A course breakdown with grades earned, including the number of U.S. semester or quarter hours completed.

3)  A detailed analysis of course work and academic standing, including course levels and semester and cumulative GPA.

We also evaluate High School Diplomas and Certificates.


This Evaluation Report provides the U.S. equivalent/comparable descriptions of each credential and lists all the courses taken and their U. S credits/units and grade equivalencies in chronological order.  All institutions, country of origin, degrees obtained, and years completed will be included in this analysis. It also identities Lower and Upper Division courses, if requested and Grade Point Average (GPA) will be calculated for each Semester/Year, and Cumulative GPA for the entire program will be provided. This type of evaluation is done in a transcript format and is usually used for possibilities of credit transfers, Graduate School admissions, State Board certifications, employment, US Armed Forces Smart Transcript Equivalencies, US Homeland Security requirements to qualify for H-1B Visas. This Course-By-Course Analysis has two categories:


  • A. Course Analysis-Without Clinical-for all fields with no practical training

  • B. Course Analysis-With Clinical-for medical-related fields.

Summary Report

  • This is general evaluation report that provides U. S equivalence of each educational credential. This type of evaluation does not list all courses taken or credits/units completed. This type of evaluation can be used for all educational levels from a High School Diploma to Doctoral degree.  However, it is commonly used for High School Diploma equivalencies for Freshman Admissions to Community Colleges, Career Colleges, and in some cases for Immigration and Employment purposes.

Other Services

  • Extensive-information on U. S educational and community services. 

  • Academic and career counseling/advising.

  • Information University and college admissions requirements and processes.

  • Research assistance. 

  • US Homeland Security related information

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