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Since 1993 International Institute of California (IIC) has helped educators, employers licensing and certification agencies/boards to improve their overseas recruiting, streamline admissions procedures and access cost-effective foreign credentials evaluations. International Institute of California (IIC) has been recognized by educational institutions, employers, licensing and certification agencies/boards in the United States. IIC has helped many immigrants and international students as well as individuals and institutions that deal with them. We provide accurate, education and research-backed assessment for each credential making it easy to understand and make reliable decision.

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Applicants must provide original and photocopies of the required documents accompanied by English translations and the appropriate fees. All translations must be certified.


Please remember to enclose all documents with your application. Including: certificate(s), diploma(s), transcript(s), mark sheets, grade reports, course syllabus translations and fees. INCOMPLETE FILES MAY DELAY YOUR EVALUATION.


Please send all the required documents to:

IIC 3550 Stevens Creek Blvd,. Suite #310 San Jose, CA 95117

For print application form click here:  PRINT APPLICATION FORM


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