The International Institute of California (IIC) is an innovative institution conducting educational research with emphasis on comparative analysis of world education system in relation to United States educational systems. We are committed to providing a unique combination of comprehensive service to international students & immigrants on matters concerning educational standards for licensing, employment and college/university admissions.

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Fee Schedule:

Fees are based on the complexity, urgency and the amount of research time it takes to evaluate a document.

Regular Evaluation (21 business days)

Rush Evaluation (Additional cost added to the regular evaluation cost)

The initial fee will include one original and a copy. For each extra copy, the fee is $30.00 if requested with the initial application. If the request for additional copies is made after the initial application, within sixty (60) months of the initial application, the fee will be new $50.00.


If a request is made after sixty (60) months, a reevaluation may be done, and a new application and fee may be required.


IIC accepts U.S. local checks, money orders or cashier's check. All forms of payments must be in U.S. dollars and must be drawn on U.S. banks. No refunds will be given unless an applicant has overpaid in which case the extra amount will be refunded or applied to other services.  $25.00 fee will be charged for all returned checks.


Refunds: A refund will be made only when an applicant has paid to IIC more than the cost of the evaluation report prepared. No refund will be made when the application is canceled after the application and all documents have been submitted and the evaluation process has started, or when all documentation is not provided by the applicant and partial work has started, or when we conclude that your documents cannot be evaluated by IIC due to our discovery of forged or altered documents.